Business news; updated plugin & theme, new payment extension and more


I have decided to start sharing a bit more info about operations of our business, so this week`s the first attempt. If there is something more you`d like to read about, let me know and I`ll see what I can do.
The last few days and weeks have been increasingly exciting as we are starting to get new customers. This has also put a little bit of stress on the internal organization as it is starting to be difficult to manage everything from my chair. Our coding team is growing and we are going to hire a new developer to help us with the development of new car rental product and improvement of current plugin.


Meanwhile, we have been working with Martin, our main graphics and html guy, on a revamp of our main selling site. The simple, old design that we are using on is simply not enough anymore. We are expecting this to increase our conversion and possibly traffic to the site. I am thinking about posting some stats about our business here on the blog like visits, sales, etc. I wonder if this is of any interest to anyone.

Car rental Plugin & theme updates

Going back to our core product- the rental plugin. We have been trying hard to catch up with customer feedback, so Friday was a big release day. All of our customer can now automatically update their plugin and theme through their WordPress interfaces. Here is what is new in the updated versions:


Latest plugin version v 1.3.7.
  • added comments text field in bookings (for internal usage)
  • added possibility to delete logo or homepage background picture
  • if there is one location only, it’s automatically pre-selected for bookings (client does not have to select a location first)
  • fleet description translation added (Fleet->Description)
  • possibility to have free items in Extras (set to 0)
  • company e-mail now gets copy of client`s reservation confirmation email
  • more info (transmission, deposit, free miles/km) is now displayed at “complete reservation” page
  • people signed up for newsletter now saved and showing in backend under “Newsletter”


Latest theme version v.1.5
  • pricing now works with all currencies (summary of charges sum correct)
  • printing summary now contains the payment method option, type of transmission, and limited mileage
  • consumption now show correctly liters or gallons based on settings in backend.
  • more info (transmission, deposit, free miles/km) is now displayed in cars listings
  • added possibility to delete logo or homepage background picture
  • filters now show correct currencies
  • it is now possible to update theme automatically via Theme settings


New extension: Payments

One of the requests that we heard from our customers several times was the need for more payment options for clients (not only Paypal or nothing). So, we released a new “Payments extension” that lets your customer choose from 4 types of payment: Credit card (upon pick up), Cash, wire transfer and good old Paypal. Support of translations is fully integrated with the existing plugin, so you can use this in any language you like.

Manual finally out

In the effort to make using our product easier, we just released our first version of plugin manual. You will get it with download. It is a work in progress, but it now addresses most of questions we have received so far.

That is about it for now. As always, feel free to comment here, drop me an email or tweet me at @PaajoHelstyn. Best, Pavel