Car Rental Agreement Template

How To Produce a Car Rental Agreement Template

Since this blog is about a car rental WordPress theme, we thought it might be good to share some tips and information not necessarily related to our theme only. Car rental agreement is an important thing to have when you are running a car rental business. As a small company with barely a car rental website or software, it is often difficult to buy lawyer time to produce a contract, so here are a few tips and rental agreement templates and examples that might help you.

Now, my recommendation is that you go and get a lawyer to do that for you to make sure you are properly covered. Just in case you decide to go at it on your own, here are a few tips on what is good to mention in a good car rental agreement. Also, I am adding a few templates of other companies later in the post for you to see what others are using.

A small disclaimer before I begin: none of what is mentioned in this article is meant as binding advice and should not be taken as such. Whether you decide to hire a lawyer to write your car rental agreement or not, the decision is yours, just as much as the contents of your contract. I take no responsibility for what you produce based on information provided on this page or anywhere else.

Apparently, agreements will be governed by different laws in different countries, so all the more reason to get a lawyer. On the other hand, the nature of the relationship is simple and the same all over the world- one borrows, the other lends for money. Lender wants the car back in (near) original condition and borrower wants to have a good time in meanwhile. This is what I base this post on.


Car Rental Agreement Template Sections

When I use a car rental agreement, I divide it into sections. I always prefer structured outcomes as they are much easier to understand and navigate. Here are some of the sections that I think a good car rental agreement should have.

Car Rental Agreement Header

Even before you put anything in the body of the contract, some important massages can be conveyed. You can insert some pretty important information in the header, such as who to call in an emergency, what the phone numbers for ambulance, police or other emergency services are, etc. It is also good to include basic info about how to return the car or what to do in case of emergency. But remember to keep it very brief as this is just the footer.

Car Rental Agreement Identification of Counterparties

This is obviously essential for any car rental agreement. Include information about your company, your address and your phone number and website. Don`t forget to include all the details such as VAT number. Usually you just fill this in once, save it and use it repeatedly.

For the counterparty (rentee), it is good to include not only personal details, but also leave space for company details including VAT. A lot of customers of rentals are actually companies. Don`t forget to ask a driver`s license and passport/personal ID number.

Car Rental Agreement Identification of Rented Vehicle

Another part that can easily be pre-filled. A good practice is to have several rental agreement templates stored for different cars. Then, you just open the right document and all is pre-filled for you. Identify your whichever way you want, but I suggest using the VIN code above all. It is a unique identifier of the car and that is pretty much all you want in this section.

Car Rental Agreement Rental Conditions and Price

You need to specify prices for all the services you are providing. I personally find it good that clients see also all the main potentially incurred charges as well. That means, e.g. how much you will pay if your return the vehicle unclean, without full tank etc.

I know that if you have too many of those, it might be difficult to squeeze them all in, but I personally prefer this approach, because where I am from, people are not so familiar with conditions of renting a car. This might cause trouble when they are returning a car without full tank and you unexpectedly charge them to refill it. Believe me there is nothing worse than a customer that gets an unexpected charge.

Car Rental Agreement Handover Protocol

A very important part of your car rental agreement template is a handover protocol. It is very important to determine time causalities just in case something bad might happen. You need to make sure you specify what state the car was in when rented out and returned. Second, you need to take note of times. Third, it is good to jot down the odometer reads at the start and at the end of the rental. Although not essential if you are providing “unlimited km”, this can sometimes be quite important for the purposes of accounting. For once, your accountant might love you! 🙂

One more section is important when renting out a vehicle. The deposit. As a rental company, you will probably require a deposit from your customers. It is good to specify this in the contract and it keeps track of how much cash you should return in case you are not using a credit card.

Of course, don`t forget signatures of both parties at the end.

Car Rental Agreement Templates From Other Companies

It is not always easy to obtain a car rental agreement template from other companies` websites, so I did a little research on the topic. Here I am presenting a collection of contracts that you can get inspired by. They are from different car rental companies in different locations and some of them are quite interesting too. I include links to the original sources (except for Hertz where I lost it):

1) First one is the very generic car rental agreement template. You can take a look at it here. I originally downloaded the contract from this address

2) Car rental contract number two is similar. See it here, it was originally downloaded from this address.

Car hire agreement template
A car rental agreement template of Hertz car rental

3) This car rental agreement template is my personal favorite. I got this one from a small family business in Maui called Frank`s friendly cars. If you are ever in Maui, check them out, they seem pretty cool. This contract reflects the nature of their business in that it is simple, straightforward and a little funky. See it here or download at this address.

4) Last contract that caught my attention is that of Hertz car rental. Although a huge corporation they have recently tried to improve their paperwork and shrunk their contract into a cashier receipt. Check it out on the left side of this post. And btw., check out the prices- if you have a car rental, I hope you are not charging that much! 🙂


What is Happening With Our Car Rental Website

At the end, I cannot leave out a small update about the progress of our own theme. We have finally finished all the specifications and are moving on to the stage of producing car rental theme templates in the form of PSDs. Those should be ready latest within a week or two and then we will finally be able to share with you the first fruits of our work. I will keep you posted on more of the information soon. I hope this post about a car rental agreement template was helpful. As always, keep your questions rolling in anytime.