Car rental plugin SuperUpdate

The summer is coming and the rental business is heating up. I spend majority of my time talking to customers gathering inputs for improvements. This release is an answer to a lot of them.

Ever since the beginning, this business has been about providing the highest value and best quality system to rental businesses. In accordance with this mission, we are releasing a new major update to our core product- the Ecalypse car rental plugin and theme.

We have spent the last more than half a year improving our product to keep it at the top. This has been marked by the most recent super update that has been bigger than ever and that we released a few days ago (May-12).

Today, we`re publishing a list of improvements made to the latest version. Don`t forget that improvements have been made to both plugin and theme and if you are updating one, you have to update the other as well, to keep your website in sync.

You might want to grab a cup of coffee before you read this list:

Plugin update release 1.4.8

  1. Paypal payment now works even if you set up a deposit
  2. You can now use HTML tags to format your terms and conditions
  3. PayPal IPN (instant payment notification) – booking is now confirmed only after Paypal payment goes through successfully
  4. Bookings now have several statuses and are connected to payment gateways. Reservations can be pending (car not booked fully and still available to other clients) and confirmed (car booked and deducted from inventory for rent)
  5. Rental clients will only receive confirmation email once their booking is confirmed (paid in case you require payment with credit card or simply finished if you don`t require immediate payment).
  6. Plugin now supports Ecalypse partner sales reports to track your partners` sales. Check out partner code fields in bookings/booking process. This functionality requires purchase of Ecalypse partner sales reports extension.
  7. You can now rearrange cars in your fleet by drag and drop -> they will show up on front end the way you arrange them in back end, unless search filters are applied
  8. You can now fully delete bookings
  9. Stripe payment gateway is now supported (you need to purchase Ecalypse Stripe payment extension to accept CC payments via Stripe)
  10. You can now export and import translations via Translations tab in Settings
  11. Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox when managing pricing under fleet
  12. Fixed bug when using double quotation marks “ caused the plugin and theme to create multiple slashes (“/“)
  13. You can now remove emails from newsletter list under newsletter tab
  14. Added fulltext search into bookings
  15. Extras can now be translated
  16. Client can now add comments when making a booking
  17. Sorting of cars now supports sort by price, name and custom by drag and drop in settings
  18. You can now create custom filters and parameters for any vehicle
  19. Dead buttons removed from Newsletter tab
  20. You can now insert “Price from” to show on front end in “Our cars” page
  21. Fixed the bug where you could not change sort by in Our cars page
  22. You can now change what the price will show if using branch deliver plugin (all fees or just daily price)
  23. Support and Partner sales plugin added
  24. Searched cars will now be ordered according to what you set in Theme settings “Default sort by value”

Theme v2.5 udpate

  1. Bug fix: Cars availability calendar now closes even on iOS devices
  2. Partner code field added
  3. Stripe payment gateway is now supported (you need to purchase Ecalypse Stripe payment extension to accept CC payments via Stripe)
  4. Fixed translation bugs (Manage booking front page)
  5. Terms and conditions now support HTML tags for formatting
  6. You can now book car directly from any car page (no need to re-enter data)
  7. Fixed bug when deposit was always showing only in original currency
  8. Fixed bug when using double quotation marks “ caused the plugin and theme to create multiple slashes /
  9. Fixed menu responsivity issues when resizing browser width manually
  10. Fixed bug when car availability was only showing to signed in users
  11. Added new page template so you can now create a page without sidebar
  12. Fixed mobile version bug where after clicking on book now in cars, the booking form always appeared on top of the page and was not viewable when you scrolled down
  13. Extras can now be translated, as well as branches business days and manage reservation on home page
  14. Client can now add comments when making a booking
  15. Fixed bug when plugin was only displaying max 20 cars in list of cars
  16. Updated “Fell the joy” spelling mistake
  17. In search, unavailable cars will now show at the bottom
  18. Fixed the bug where you could not change sort by in Our cars page
  19. Fixed the bug when deposit was not showing even if filled in the backend
  20. Fixed the bug where VAT in pricing was not rounding up correctly
  21. Terms and conditions window in booking step 3 is responsive now
  22. Child theme support improved- all child files will work now
  23. Searched cars will now be ordered according to what you set in Theme settings “Default sort by value”

I hope you like this and I`ll get back to you soon with more information from the trenches.