Car Rental Website Template

Today, I am going to talk about car rental website template in general and also the one that we are creating as a part of our wordpress theme.


Whether you are building a car rental website template on your own, or you are going to get a ready made solution, it is important to take into consideration several factors. Let me explain what I mean


Starting to build a Car rental website template

Building a template for a website is a very crucial step. It is that stage where you already decided to give your business a go and now you are finally going to do something about it. You identify that you first and foremost need a look. A Template. So,you start your research and find out that you basically have two options (unless you are creating the template on your own)

  • have your template custom built by a professional

  • buy a solution that is already made


“Hm, alright.” you think to yourself, “Now I need a car rental website template. So, what would be the fastest, easiest a possibly cheapest solution? Let’s google it and see what is on the market. Several meaningless hours later, after you have researched possibly all the template options on the face of earth, you have assessed that a ready made solution will be the fastest, easiest and cheapest. Oh great, how swell everything is going. You are buying the best looking car rental website template in the world! “Yeah what a great and meaningful step in my business”, you are thinking.


Now what? What exactly do you do with the great looking car rental website template? Now comes stage two- you have several page templates embedded in you solution, but the question arises- what am I going to fill it with? So you start creating content for your business. This also goes quite well. Splendid! You create your content and hurrah, away you go.


No, wait, I know need someone to put it in the template for me. Let`s get a programmer- a friend has a friend who builds websites. Ok. Oh, my car rental website template did not take into consideration that I will need to use several currencies for my booking. Oh, the template did not expect me to be using discount coupons. Well, never mind, the programmer will take care of it. What I am paying him for, anyway?


2000 USD. What? He wants 2000USD just to write the code? Ok, maybe I don`t need a local guy. I heard about people hiring programmers on the internet, building websites for much less. Sure will I be able to find someone to program my car rental website for me. With a booking system of course! …And you do. Apparently there are places like Elance and Odesk where you can find good programmers for the fraction of cost of what your friend`s friend wanted, but wait! they are asking questions now.


What do you mean how to program it? You have template, you have content what else do you need? Specifications? What specifications? You are the coders, you figure it out. Oh, you mean like how will your cars be picked up, what if people pick up and return elsewhere, how will VAT be calculated, etc. So you need to think about it. And so do your coders. You think about it together. And you work together.  Unfortunately, your coders know nothing about car rental business, so they occasionally do something wrong which needs fixing. That costs time and money too.


2 months later and a several hundred, maybe thousand dollars lighter you are rolling out. There are a few glitches here and there, but you finally manage to put together the processes of your rental and implement it.

Now you are having a coffee with a friend and he is asking you about your business. Slightly frustrated you take account of all that happened in the last few months and the money you spent. It was supposed to be easy, wasn’t it? It all started with a car rental website template.


I did learn all this the hard way myself. I call it paid education, but don’t get me wrong, I’d avoid it if I could. Now I want you to avoid this mistake.


One reason I am writing this blog is to give you heads up about what you need to look out for. The other reason is that I want to let you know that I am working on a solution to your problems. One, that WILL be quick, simple and cheap. As a rental owner, I decided to create a car rental website of my own that I will be able to provide to others. I am building a car rental wordpress theme that is the ultimate for car rental owners. Not just a car rental wordpress theme, but the car rental wordpress theme. One that includes the looks, functionalities and ease of use. One where you will not need to think about whether and what.


Here is a short list of features that I am working on with my team that will be in the car rental wordpress theme we are building:

  • car/cars categories management

  • extras/amenities management

  • locations/branches management

  • pricing management

  • admin (contracts, T&Cs, billing, etc.)

  • widget areas like online chat, contact us or special deals

  • payments

  • other page templates

Actually, what we are creating is more a car rental software, not just a car rental wordpress theme or a car rental website template. We are creating something that you will be able to take, install easily and immediately start serving customers, printing contracts and managing your fleet.


Stay with me as I roll out more information on our theme! Until then, best of luck, Paajo