Car Rental WordPress Theme Inception

If you want to know specifics about my car rental wordpress theme, please hold on to other articles coming later. This post provides basic information about this page.

What you will find here

In my video that I posted on youtube several days ago (which you can find here) I informed the world (about 5 people that actually saw the video :-)) that I am creating a car rental wordpress theme. In this first post of this webpage, I cover how I came about the idea. I will use this web page to post more information about the theme as I go along.


Why a car rental wordpress theme

I own a car rental company based in Prague, Czech republic. Not so long ago, I started building a website for this car rental company. I was looking for a simple, quick and easy solution for my website. Ideally a car rental wordpress theme. I chose wordpress as I was already familiar with it and for its friendly interface. I tried all the possible keywords including car, hire, rental, wordpress, theme, template, you name it. And I did find several solutions, either on the basis of a wordpress theme or on the basis of a PSD template.


Quite excited that WordPress would once again save my live, I did a lot of research into these solutions- like how they work with taxes, price setting, different currencies, etc. to make sure I get the best one. I wanted to know whether these solutions were any good in terms of processes of a real car rental. I ended up buying one of them. It was a wordpress theme that boasted the most features and the price was not bad either at 99 USD, so why not give it a go.


I was quite happy with the purchase at first as the theme seemed to have most the needed features- booking system, multiple languages, slider on homepage, etc. I won’t bore you with details. Unfortunately, a bit of a wake up came as I started implementing. My enthusiasm level gradually dropped. As I was trying to bend the theme to serve the purpose of an actual rental (mine) it became more and more apparent that the solution was build by programmers. Well, apparently, programmers, but the problem was it seemed that it was built just by programmers; not programmers and rental owners. Everything somehow worked, but the details that you need as a rental owner were not in. And the more I dove in, the more shortcomings I saw. It became apparent that my ready made car rental wordpress theme was “made”, but not “ready” and some- not insignificant- programming would be necessary. Not such a cheap, easy and quick solution after all.


I started taking notes and ended up with 3 pages worth of improvements to be made on the webpage. Some of them required quite significant changes in the logic of the page and that basically took me to the point that I realized that it might be economical, maybe quicker and overall easier to have a car rental wordpress theme built from scratch. And, there probably are some people with the same problem that might help me pay back the expenses of that theme willing to buy.


So, here I am- building my first own wordpress rental theme. The best one yet (so is the plan). Bare with me as I move along and post more articles. Some of the things coming next include:

  • pricing of my car rental wordpress theme

  • features (and I will probably go into great lengths on this topic)

  • how to use videos

  • and whatever else comes into mind as being useful


In meanwhile, if you feel like getting in touch, feel free to post a comment or get on my mailing list (that I will put up soon).


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It is nice to know that a rental car company owner is building a wordpress rental theme. I’ve been looking around for a while and I’m not fully satisfied with the results.

I own a rental motorcycle company, and I could be very interested on your template or even on your rental car website. As a suggestion, we would need the option to book more than just one vehicle per reservation; one person booking two bikes is quite common.

Best regards,

Hi Anton,

thanks for that post. I know exactly what you are talking about- had the same issues. Right now, we are finalising designs- I will post something end of this week or starting next week.

And thanks for the tip- I did not realize the fact that some people might be looking to rent more than 1 vehicle- that is not common in car rental. I`ll try and sneak that feature in for rentals like yours.

As for the products. I am bit slow on preparing this as we are still in the development stage. But just to give you a hint- I will be offering the option to get just a WordPress theme or a complete website. Also, you will have to possibility to get a website/theme and we can code in changes too based on your suggestions.

You can also hit me on my email pavel.helstyn (*at*) anytime or subscribe to newsletter which I use to distribute info purely about this theme to the interested few.

Thanks, Pavel

Thanks a lot Pavel. I guess the WordPress theme could be ok for me, but I’m not closed to go for the complete website. I’ll subscribe to newsletter for news.

Best regards, Anton

Hi Pavel, here again.

One more suggestion for a feature than can be very useful, at least for us.

We receive two or three day bookings for our peak periods, and these small bookings may get in the way of longer bookings. We would prefer to rent our bikes to one person for two weeks than four or five separate rentals of three days each, for this reason we may chose to reject short rentals during our peak periods.

My idea is to have a checkbox to disable the availability confirmation and default to a booking sheet which would be the same as the normal booking sheet, but after submission a confirmation note then pops up to confirm that the booking has been received and will be confirmed by email within 24 hours, so we can then add this to the availability manually if interested.

In other words, I would like to add a minimum (and maybe maximum) rental duration to each type of motorcycle.

Do you think it would be possible?

Thanks, Anton

Hi Anton,

I am taking this to email no to clutter the comments here 🙂

PS: thanks a lot for the suggestions- very helpful!


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