Free Consultations, Early Access to Admin Demo and more…

Hi guys! Several new developments have taken place in the last few weeks that I I`d like to share. Most notably: free consultations and priority free access to car rental plugin admin area. Here is the full post:

Free consultations

Our free consultations are getting great feedback from clients. On top of being able to help you with making the right decisions, we are very happy to hear about your concerns and are also are very grateful for your support. Here is a run down of what you are mostly asking about:

  1. features of our system- 3 most common questions are: what can your plugin do? Is it compatible with other themes? How do the updates work? We`re preparing a document that will include all this info. Please bear with us, or in meanwhile feel free to contact us.
  2. customizations to your existing themes- you are very interested in using our plugin with your own themes. We are glad to hear that. The possibility is there and we do that.
  3. You want demo access to admin area- we hear you and while it is coming public in a few days, you can get your early access by subscribing to our newsletter. Subscribe on the right side of the page and get your early access now.

Everything we hear about from clients gets reflected in what we are working on. Even as I am typing these words we are working on improving experience of you, our users.

I am always keen to hear client`s feedback, so keep it coming. If you want to schedule YOUR own free consultation, shoot me an email at

New references

In relation to the feedback from a few of our readers, we are pretty excited to see that they have already turned to satisfied clients that are testing or starting to use our plugin on real websites. We are very grateful for your support and your inputs. It is our goal to be the top of the market and communication with you helps us immensely. That is why we are getting on a regular schedule with my blogposts to keep you informed what`s cooking in our kitchen. You can also catch me on Twitter where I talk all things not just (our) business. Tweet me at @PaajoHelstyn 

New functionality

I have kept it relatively quiet recently, but we have been working with clients and hacking away at adding new functionality to our plugin, especially when it comes to pricing and updates. Pricing is ready, updates are on the way. The main takeaway- we NOW have the most complete pricing system on the market comparable to websites like You can rent out anything anytime, for a few hours or a few days. With or without discounts, only or Fridays if you like. Free access to administration demo coming soon. If you want early access to admin demo, register for our newsletter to get it today!

New look

Lastly, I have finally gotten to revamping my blog. I noticed that some visitors have been struggling to find what they were looking for, so I added a few big buttons on the right side and updated the menu. Generally, my blog is now integrated with my company website. Still a lot of work ahead, but hopefully this will help you navigate towards what you are looking for. If you feel like it, I`d love to hear what you think.

Several other things going on, but so as not to overwhelm you, I will keep this for the Friday`s post. (yes, I am trying to get on a biweekly post schedule. Let`s see if there is enough content for that!)

Until later, Pavel