We`re launching!

Hi guys, sorry to have kept you in the dark for so long. The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with me going traveling and our guys finishing the code of our amazing car rental theme and plugin. We also started a new website and there have been a bunch of other changes as well. But I won`t bore you with details as I`m sure you are here for the plugin.

Instead of posting videos and posts about the plugin, we focused on finalizing the product and bringing it to a working state. So, I am very proud to say that now we have the first version at hand!

So, here`s the most crucial info for you:

Demo website
You can now test car rental plugin and theme at wpcarrental.ecalypse.com. This website shows exactly what we are selling. That is what you get when you purchase our plugin and theme, all features included (minus the dummy data, such as cars and branches).

It is a theme or a plugin?
I have talked about a “theme” all this time, but it actually is a plugin AND a theme. Why is that so? The reason is that you (or we) can build your own graphics on top of the plugin. This will let the plugin users have more options in terms of design while the core of functionality can be improved continuously over time. If you would like to create your own theme and sell it, let us know, we`d love to hear from you.

You can also start purchasing the theme now at my company`s webpage: ecalypse.com. The payment options that we support at the moment are Paypal and all of the major credit cards (via Paypal).

Why is plugin called Ecalypse car rental…?
We felt like we should put a name on it as we plan to stick around a keep developing the best car rental related products. Our new website (still a bit under construction, sorry) is ecalypse.com. This is the brand we are using to promote our car rental software products.

Other questions?
I am finally moving on to a non-gmail email address. I will still keep that one, but just for personal purposes. For business related questions/issues/suggestions, please get in touch with me at pavel@ecalypse.com

Me and my team have put huge effort into making this the most complete, best looking and overall the best solution for rental business that runs on WordPress. I very much hope you will like what we have for you. However, we are more than ready for suggestions and feedback from you. Let me know any issues you might have directly. We will keep working forward to stay on top and to keep you satisfied.

Finally, thanks to all the people who have communicated with me over the course of developing the plugin and providing their feedback, it has been immensely helpful.

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Halleluyah!!! The theme is finally out after ages of waiting and communication back and forth. Congratulations Paaja. Your dreamchild is finally here. I can’t wait to test drive the theme, but I am pretty sure I shall not get disappointed at all. Especially after the wait.

Anyway, let me have my test run and hit you up with my feedback before jumping onto that CC.

I have had time to go through the theme and realised that there is no payment system integrated. Any updates on this?

Hi Frank,

yes, there is payment system integrated in the theme that runs on Paypal, so you can accept paypal payments as well as credit cards. It was disabled in the demo, but I just enabled it so that you can see it.

Best, Paaja

Hi there, its been a long time since I came back. Thanks for the feedback on the payment option available. Just a couple of comments to add. I realised that you have 2 bundles;
– Plugin + theme
– Plugin + theme + payments extension bundle.

If I am not wrong, the 2nd option comes with complete PayPal integration, right? My opinion is that it should already be included by default seeing that there are so many PayPal plugins available, but then again….

My 2nd comment is that, I would like to have a custom payment gateway considering the mode of payment in Kenya. Most people here use Mobile Money and I was wondering what it would cost to have your team integrate PesaPal (http://pesapal.com/) integrated when I make a purchase.

3rd Comment; Is the theme/plugin B2B or B2C? Can I have it so that I can register several car hire companies and let them use the platform at a fee or its for use by Car Hire Companies to their clients? My plan was to sign up car hire companies at a fee for use of the platform. Awaiting your feedback

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