New communities, support, plugin, theme ..and James Bond

There are a lot interesting things happening, so I wanted to share.

I’ll make it short and just talk snippets. If you need any more info, you know where to find me. Later I will go more in depth about individual topics.

Webdesign community
Rental clients often ask us for help to design something. And some of our other clients have been really good dev agencies as we’ve noticed. Let’s put it together then! If you’d like to be a featured supplier in our catalogue, contact me. That’ll get you in front of a lot of potential clients and improve your rankings in SE.

Rental community
With over 200 rentals worldwide served, we have a nice community already. Now is the time to get this public. Power is in numbers! Even for Google. If you want to get your rental company a boost and get features in our directory, get in touch. We now do online marketing for our rental clients to get those sweet first pages on Google like we do. Ask me for more if interested.

Fully managed websites
We now offer the option to have a fully managed website. You can still have all your design changes you like, but don’t have to worry about backups, security, updates, etc.

New theme
We are finishing a new theme. Pre-release can be seen here: Super customizable and sexy. Bugs should be fixed within a couple of days.

New plugin
We are releasing a self standing plugin! You won’t need our theme anymore. If you are a client, you will soon be able to update to it via your interface. If not, you can buy it here.

Support for clients
We are working on improving our support. You know, we already have a ticketing system. Now, we are building a knowledge base. Both- videos and articles. More info on our blog here.

I’ll keep the updates coming next week in smaller doses, but after such a long time, there was so much to talk about.

And as always, you can reach me at

Have a good weekend, go watch the new James Bond and let me know what you think! I think it kicked ass! I might give you a James Bond discount if you do, haha.