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Another week goes by and there is a lot happening on the WordPress car rental theme front. Let me talk about your engagement really quickly before I talk about other stuff. What makes us most pleased is that the number of visitors looking for our WordPress car rental theme is growing. Also, the engagement on the site is good- that shows us that you like what you read. Thanks for your support. Now, back to business.

Car rental website template v1
Rental car WordPress theme sneak a peak

Car rental WordPress theme progress

First, I will shortly talk about our Car rental WordPress theme. We continuously work on a car rental website that is easy to implement, fully functional and looks good. Now that we are past preparing specifications stage for our Car rental WordPress theme, we finally had some time to focus on other stuff. The most importantly, we are preparing the product set that will be released with our first version. That means specifying what exactly what we will offer to customers. If you are looking to build your car rental website on WordPress (or you want to build any car rental website actually), you will be able to choose from a variety of products from us.

Car rental WordPress products

You maybe understood from our previous posts- we are a software development team with direct experience from car rental business. We base our creations on what we actually need in our business. Just like you I went through the process of looking for a good car rental theme for WordPress. I looked and tried everything on the market and eventually bought one of the solutions. Still, I was disappointed, because the features were simply too generic and not car rental business process adjusted.

Now, we are here to introduce what we have to contribute to the WordPress car rental pot. We are creating a complete solution for a car rental- feature, user friendliness and design driven. In effect, it will match all of what is on the market and throw a few more features on the top.

While doing this, we want that our customers get the most of our products while getting exactly what they need. This led us to create a tiered approach to our product. Now, what does that mean? That means we will not only be offering a car rental WordPress theme, but products that will match customer level of coding experience. We will offer, depending on your experience a complete car rental website creation, car rental WordPress theme or just a car rental template. We are taking this approach because we want to make sure that the product we offer matches needs of our customers perfectly. Let`s examine in more detail the individual offerings:


Car rental template

Whether you are coder yourself or a super talented car rental company owner, this is for guys and gals who can do their own template cutting and programming. However, unless you are a (good) designer, you will probably struggle creating a good looking site. We have designers allocated full time to graphics development. Without being cocky, I think I can say that the designs they produce are really awesome. They are great looking and practical. Practicality is an important element of all we do. With the car rental template on offer, we are providing the opportunity to simply buy a beautiful car rental template and build the rest of the site yourself. We already have several designs, but they are still in production. As soon as some are available for publication, I will post them to this blog. This should be around New Year`s eve 2014.


Car rental WordPress theme

This is what this whole exercise is primarily about and how it started. Many people who are not professional coders (like myself for example) fell in love with WordPress and how easy it is to work with. If you are an upcoming car rental owner and you want to build your website yourself, getting a quality WordPress car rental theme is probably your best choice. Making a car rental website work on a generic theme would be too difficult- rental companies have a lot of specifics which are tough to cramp in a simple theme.

Me and my team are creating a WordPress car rental theme that is specifically designed for you to download it, install it and immediately start publishing your car rental website related content. This includes complete fleet and booking management in the back end, beautiful graphics and much more (more on this topic coming later as we close in on the first release). Car rental WordPress theme is ideal for you if you are willing to do some of the work putting your web together yourself or with little help. You will need some skills, but if you have installed WordPress before, you will be fine.


Car rental website

The last option we offer is a complete solution. If you are a rental owner like me, you probably don`t have so much time to fiddle around trying to learn how to put up a website, adjust settings and even implement SEO, Google analytics etc. What you primarily need is focus on your car rental business. If that is the case, this is the solution for you- you get a complete fully set up website on a domain you own or a new available domain. We will do the rest for you. Depending on how skilled you are, we can take care of all the technicalities such as hosting, setting up email accounts, installing WordPress, installing our theme, other plug ins, etc. You will get a turnkey solution ready from day one.


I have a few other posts waiting for publishing including a few videos, so please be patient with me. I hope you found this post useful, best of luck until next time.


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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are currently finishing design. The estimated finish date is January, 31st. I`ll be posting designs this week, so if you`d like to keep updated, do subscribe to newsletter. Otherwise, if you`d like to make sure we don`t miss any functionalities, I`d love to hear more in detail what you might be looking for.

Thanks, Paaja

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