WordPress Plugin and Theme Version 3.0.1 out

It’s taken a few weeks but the latest version of our theme and plugin are out, more awesome than ever. While other solutions focus on functions that you can easily get lost in, we also spend a lot of time making sure that you can find your way around everything easily. What good is a WordPress plugin or a theme if you can’t really work with them?

The reason the development has slowed down recently is that we have been cooking some pretty big changes for our plugin and they way we sell. Quite obviously, our website does not keep up with the current standards of delivering content and products to clients so that is a big part of what we have been working on. We’re expecting to launch this new website by the end of September.
Additionally, as more clients come to us after being dissatisfied with other solutions, we are trying to put together a way that you can test our product easily and make sure that it is the right fit for you. We do not focus on the functions, but on making your business better.
In meanwhile, here is a list of all the features that we added to the latest version:
– our-locations and reservation summarry page now reflect 12/24h time format settings
– you can now send emails based on booking status
– back end calendar display issues fixed
– fixed dates plugin support added
– added several new shortcodes for emails
– price calculation fixed when using additional drivers
– currency display during booking fixed when first extra is for free
– internal name for extras added
– redirect to homepage added when language changed on non template pages
– shortcode for user comments added
– second email added for reservation email copy
– GPS for locations added
– thank you email added
– now you can click on calendar icon
– GPS support for locations
– responsive slider now works a whole lot better
– you can now set max passenger filter range in settings