WordPress Rental Booking System First Pics

Hi guys. After holiday season everything is back on track and we are hammering our way to our car rental theme. I am trying to keep things on time with my graphics and coders, but things are unfortunately starting to fall behind a little bit. Some of it is due to the fact we are still tying final nuts and bolts regarding functionality (with your help actually) so I do hope it will be worth it.

Some the readers here have already started sending inquiries and feedback asking when the theme will be ready. My personal thanks for that! It is great to see that there are people that might find my work here helpful. My big hi goes to Anton who is running a great motorcycle business in Barcelona Spain www.rentatiger.es for his valuable inputs and tips.

At this point, we are finalizing the designs and I just felt like I wanted to share with you some of what we have. We are aiming to be ready with the whole theme by the end of January. Today, I am presenting three pages we have pretty much finalized:

  • car rental front page with booking feature
  • booking process page where you can select cars you want to book
  • summary of booking

PS: You`ll need to download the pics to see the full resolution.

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Car rental front page

Car rental wordpress theme booking page template
Car rental WordPress theme booking page template

There are three main elements on the page. That is as much as the customer ever able to notice at first look.

First is the possibility to make a booking near the top of the page. That is on top of a massive slider which you can use to insert any picture(s) you like. The booking module should also be removable for those who don`t need it (I am still not sure whether to remove it is a good idea at all).

Below, you find four boxes that represent the 4 most important pieces of information you want to have customer`s attention directed to. It can be pretty much anything; from the list of your inventory to a link to your blog, etc.

The last major area on this page is “Make reservation by phone” box in case your customers want to get in touch with you directly.

The rest is pretty much auxiliary information where you can put anything you like as long as you think it is interesting to your customers.

Car selection/booking page

Rent a car WordPress theme booking car page
Rent a car WordPress theme booking car page

The focus here is on the filtering options. Since we started I received quite a few emails from people who wanted to use the theme also for other rentals, such as equipment booking. The good news for you is that from the beginning, we are building the system to be modular. What that means is that you will be able to change almost anything. If you are renting out camera equipment, you probably don`t need A/C. So, in the back end, you just disable it. Same is true for the filtering options on the left. This makes it possible for you to rent anything you want anyway you want.


WordPress Booking Summary page

Wordpress rental theme booking summary page
WordPress rental theme booking summary page

At the end, each customer is taken to the summary page where they see what they booked. I am displaying an image where you can see more than one item booked. This is a feature that is especially helpful if you are renting something else than cars.

As always, I am very much open to feedback as that makes it the easiest for us to make a good product. The few that are reading this blog have already helped a lot in development of this theme and I am sure this will make it better experience for the working with our theme as well, so keep it coming guys. 🙂


All the best until next time and good luck with your rentals! Paajo

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11 responses...

As I can see, the design is looking good and is fine to use modular principle.
I have no idea how to help you for now, but let me to ask you
how many languages the the theme will support?

Hi Paun,

thanks for that. I am aiming for the theme to support pretty much any language, but this will take some time apparently as we need to build it and implement it. At this moment we are building English. I will be looking for feedback as we move along- that is- if someone tells me they want it in Russian or Spanish for example that is not a problem, we will do that. The only thing is that it might take 2 weeks to fully implement the new language. All this is coming in an article that I will be posting later on about customer service and pricing.

Thanks, Paajo

Thanks for the interest, we are working on a beta version to be released later this week (Feb-7). I`ll keep you posted on progress. Pavel

is the theme ready? You have a live demo page? you are going to sell it via Themeforest?


Hi Xristos,

unfortunatelly, the theme is not ready yet. We have trouble with coders, so everything is delayed. We will not sell through theme forest but independently. If you like, I can put you on my mailing list and let you know when it is ready.

Are you looking to use this for a car rental or other rental?

Thanks, Pavel

Dear Pavel,
i want it for a car rental website , can from your theme to book a car like a car reservation system?


Hi Pavel,
yes i am interesting, i have already submit my email for notifcations.
Pls send me in my email when you have the theme ready and if it’s possible in a live demo.
As soon as possible please, due to already running project!!!
Many thanks,
keep up the good work.

Kindest regards,

Hi Cobus, sorry, still work in progress. Estimated delivery time moved to mid March as it turns out programming is tougher than expected. Paajo

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