Ecalypse Voyager Rental Theme for WordPress out!

Since this generated quite some interested in my last post, I wanted to drop a quick note to you that we are releasing our new theme today.

It is in our DNA to keep things simple. So while making it versatile, we also strived to make it as user friendly as possible. So, everything that you can possibly set up on the front page is done via a state of the art built-in editor. You can play around with CSS and custom coding still, but if you’re not into that type of stuff, generally you will not need it.

If you are in the online business, you probably know that the front page is the most important one. So we made sure you can design the hell out of that one. You can even remove the booking form if you like and plaster it somewhere else.

Changing text and background colors, playing with background pics, posting pics, translating…all that stuff is now a breeze.

We kept all the settings modular. That means that once you learn the basic difference between section, row and element, you will be able to navigate the whole theme pretty easily.

Those of you who are talking to me on support know that Sam has been sick for the last few days. I am sorry for any delays in communication this has caused, but you all have been generally pretty sweet about that, so thanks for your support.

Juggling new theme release, new services, content product and customer service is proving to be pretty damn time consuming, but I hope you like the final result.

A setup guide will be ready for you by next week so that you know where to click.

Oh, I almost forgot. You can see the new theme here. You can buy it here.

Backend demo will take just a day or two longer to set up- we need to set it up to renew regularly and that requires a bit of php wizardry=more time.

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The new theme comes out at $87.

As you know, you can reach us at for any questions.

Keep rocking and until next time!