KB 2: Translations basics

As a part of new series of knowledge base articles for our WordPress car rental theme and plugin, today we introduce “Translations basics”. Talking about translations in our plugin is a multidimensional topic. There is a lot to say.

This article gives you a bird’s eye view of our build in translation feature. This feature is very useful even for businesses that do not want to switch from English. The reason is that it manages pretty much all the text that gets outputted by your website. We’re talking about text on the webpage as well as all the emails that go out to clients.

If you want your clients to get an email that starts “Hello John” instead of “Hi John”, translations is where the magic happens. Plus you can translate to pretty much any language there is.

There are also small touches that let you change words like “car” for words like “motorbike” … I guess you get where I am going here. Yeah, that’s where the magic happens and you can transform car rental into “any” rental.

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Translations definitely deserve more space and description, but that is something we will come to in the coming weeks. In meanwhile, enjoy this short 101 and most importantly try it yourself. As always, if you find yourself at odds, drop us an email at wpsupport@ecalypse.com

Next week we’ll talk a bit more in depth about translations. Things like changing the homepage, making the menu multilingual, setting up all the different language pages, etc. A lot of stuff to cover, so stay tuned!

Check out the article here: https://ecalypse.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000656492

Good luck with your business and until next time!