A lot of new goodies added, features inside!

It is that time again that we stay up all night to finalize what is left to be finalized and release a new version of our plugin into the world.

This last release has been quite monstrous. A lot of things happened. One coder came onboard and another left. A lot of catching with clients over fixes and new features.

As usual, we smuggled in a few new goodies in the system to make your life a little more easy and pleasant. Here is a run down of everything that we put in the latest version of the plugin and theme.

Before I give you the full run down, I want to send great thanks to Kostas from rac-rentals.gr/, Ricardo from swissempire.com, Srdjan from Webportal.rs, who is helping build a website for his client using our plugin, and Deniss who is currently building his new killer website. Thank you guys for all your inputs, feedback and support.

Plugin v 1.3.9.

  • Time selection now works ok even if page reloads (previously, if you selected date and time and reloaded page, time would show unrestricted ranges which would result in “not available” pricing if time selected out of allowed time range)
  • PayPal payments now work with amounts over 1000 (previously, anything over 1000 was set to 1, 2, etc.)
  • Cars can now display more than one picture
  • Categories can now be shown as items in menu (a new page is created automatically when you create a category letting you assign it to menu)
  • You can now insert booking form anywhere on the page using a shortcode; you can set your own width: [carrental_book_box width=”300″]
  • A new widget area (full width) has been added to homepage that lets insert full width posts)
  • Added security deposit option to payments plugin
  • You can now switch off displaying languages on the front end while you are editing them in the back end
  • When you finish payment via Paypal, the plugin will now take you back to your page afterwards
  • In settings, you now choose who to send booking confirmation email to: admin/client/both/none
  • Confirmation emails will now display correctly with line breaks (previously only showed one line)
  • Even if you do not change your default booking confirmation email, the email will still be sent (previously did not get sent)
  • With this version we also released a new footer plugin that lets you change your footer easily and is compatible with our rental plugin

Theme version 1.8

  • White vertical line showing on the right on mobile devices has now been removed
  • Retina ready icons added
  • Basic template now shows picture all the way across
  • Cars can now display more than one picture
  • A new widget area (full width) has been added to homepage that lets insert full width posts)
  • If only one language or currency set up, the switch does not show on the front end

How to update

Plugin -> go to Car Rental -> settings and check update (be sure you inserted your API key that you got with your purchase)
Theme -> go to appearance -> theme settings and check update

We are moving on as we go along and we will keep you updated on the latest developments. In meanwhile email me or find me on Twitter @PaajoHelstyn. Also, drop me some links to your websites so that we can take a look at how they are used and so that we can create some of those sweet links for you.

have a great day, Pavel