Plugin updates almost every week? Holly cow!

Hi rental owners, WPers, fellow coders!

It is finally time to catch up with everything that has been going on in the last few weeks.

We have done a lot of client work since the last update, so it is time that we shared with you what is new.

At the moment, we are working on a new version of plugin and theme (as always), but since the last blog post was added on this website, we released a few versions that I want to share with you.

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Here is a list of features that were added in the plugin meanwhile:

== 2015-02-06==
v 1.4.6
branch delivery pricing support
auto delete of duplicated translations
fixed bug with translations containing quotes

== 2015-01-23==
v 1.4.5
minimum rental time set in car settings now works
branches in branches module can now be sorted via drag and drop to change how they are displayed on front end
double EN bug disabled
translation issue fixed to prevent copying of some strings in database
non-functional translation issues fixed

== 2015-01-12 ==
v 1.4.4
All our cars now showing correctly

== 2015-01-08 ==
v 1.4.3
Added hints to admin functionalities
You can now select which branch should be default
Added “check all” button to admin modules
It is now possible to completely delete cars from database
API key is now not showing after it is inserted

== 2014-12-29 ==
v 1.4.2
car inventory (branch overbooking) feature now works

== 2014-12-22 ==
v 1.4.1
Seasonal pricing now works -> pricing is assigned according to starting date, priority and days active
this version includes all updates since 1.3.3

== 2014-12-12 ==
v 1.4.0.

You can now sort by price and name in any language version (our cars page)
Price slider in filters now works on touch (mobile devices) will automatically recalculate values when your client changes currency
Classcode a RateID fields added to make plugin compatible with TSDweb car rental software
Fixed jQuery no conflict issue-> plugin now works with other plugins that use this library
Improved update mechanism. Update now supports creation of new directories.

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