Rental plugin updates, new theme, and your feedback results

It`s Friday, so it is time to summarize what`s been up on our Ecalypse WordPress car rental plugin and theme front.

This has been an exciting week with plenty of interest, a lot of feedback for our product and new opportunities as we move further into the car rental websites territory.

This whole project is about helping car rental owners build quality websites on budget. That`s what we set out to do and that`s what we want to continue.

Feedback from the community

Some active members of our community have been helping us get very valuable feedback. Most notably Ricardo from Swissempire & Jeroen from Nedcars. Thanks guys for taking the time to talk to us and helping make to product better for you. It motivates us to do a better job. As soon as you have our rental plugin 100% up and running on your websites, I will drop some of those old fashioned links to your websites to show some love!

New plugin version

Which takes me to another point- we already have a new version of our plugin (1.2) ready! And this one finally updates automatically. Yeah, something we should have had from the beginning, but there was just so much stuff to take care of first. From now on, you won`t need to worry about anything and the plugin updates will get to you effortlessly.

There is a list of more improvements and bug fixes that is coming into the next version that we are planning to release later the following week. Thanks for helping us locate those bugs!

New theme design

Lastly from this week`s highlights, we hired a new designer! Extremely excited to have a new fella on the team. He apparently knows his stuff and is already working on a new even sexier theme for our plugin. We will introduce him with the new theme.

I`m hoping to get some pics to you by Monday. If you like our current theme, you are going to love the next one! We want your websites to have the latest, state of the art look, so we are planning a few new themes in the coming weeks just so you have a choice.

Overall, we are trying to keep things moving forward for you. We have a packed week ahead of us again, but do get in touch with your questions or comments. It`s great to see there is life out there behind the screen!

Until later, Pavel

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Hello, we are a motorcycle and bicycle rental. It´s posible to adapt the theme and the plugins for bikes? I ask because the characteristics of the cars theme they have A/C, 4 doors, etc . It´s posible to configure or change the characteristics symbols?
I await your response. kind Regards.

Hi Fede,

thanks for getting in touch. At this point this can be done via customization of the code which we can happily do for you.

rest is PMed

best, Pavel

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