Version 1.3.5 out and other info

Hi people,

So we`re fighting through a few child diseases here with the help of a our early adopters. New version of our plugin is out and along with that a new version of our theme.

We have improved a few things based on your feedback, so let me just share with you what we have improved.

New Ecalypse Car Rental plugin and theme versions

We have been working hard on new versions of the plugin based on feedback of our clients. Right now the latest version of our plugin is 1.3.5. It does not tell you much, but below, you can find the functionalities that you missed in earlier versions.

The latest version is now available for download from our website here:

Car rental wordpress theme & plugin

So, what have we improved:

  • automatic e-mails sending now works
  • possibility to select whether to show prices with or without VAT
  • sort by price or name on top right of “choose car screen” now works
  • missing button on the front end to show car description is now there
  • if last day of pricing left blank, the last price will now be used until infinity
  • batch copy/delete in fleet, extras, branches, pricing schemes and booking functionality added
  • prices now contain 2 decimal places and don`t round up
  • you can now change website language even if only one currency set up
  • position of euro symbol moved before values (€ 34 instead of 34 €)


We have finally worked out our licensing solution. Anyone who purchases our plugin, now receives a personal license key that will enable automatic updates of the plugin for a year. After a year, if you want to continue receiving updates, you need to renew your license. You are free to keep using the plugin even if you don`t renew your license.

We are constantly working to make rental business better and easier to run. As always, get in touch with inquiries, questions, etc.

Special thanks to our early adopters Sahnan, Fred, Svetoslav and Cemal.

Best, Pavel